Adam HillsAngela BarnesCharlie BakerIvo GrahamJoel DommettMargaret Thatcher Queen of SohoMark SteelNathan CatonPhil JerrodRob Beckett

‘Hills is always warm, funny and welcoming… a master of his craft as he engages the audience in a relaxed and convivial manner’ **** – The Edinburgh Reporter

‘Raucously funny, Hills proves that even when dealing with sad situations, laughter really is the best medicine’ ***** – TV Bomb

‘She brings back the laughs with a string of quirky and bizarre Twitter responses to an article she wrote for The Guardian, and the crowd leave happy but with some deeper issues to mull over as well’ **** – TV Bomb

‘We laughed a lot, cried a little and cried with laughter a bit more’ – DarkChat

‘Leading us by the hand through childhood and into the post-grad years, Ivo Graham brings his wonderfully over-enunciated chatter about growing up privileged and technophobic to the fore in his sarcastic and self-effacing show No Filter‘ **** – The Skinny

‘Dommett’s tactics are highly successful, and having found what works for him, he’s clearly having fun doing it. Conquer is a quintessential Fringe comedy show’ **** – The List

‘Margaret Thatcher truly is the Queen of Soho. She is fabulous’ – Broadway Baby

‘The audience was in stitches; they sang along; they clapped; they stamped their feet and they tailed Tedford as he left the show to tell him how wonderful he was. Do not miss this show’ – Fringe Review

‘The great running gags and perfect comedy timing would have been enough to win me over but this actually made me think about what position Thatcher was in, it made me empathise… with Margaret Thatcher… for this feat alone I cannot recommend the show highly enough!’ – SG Fringe

‘Whilst there is more than one Margaret Thatcher inspired show at Edinburgh this year, you just haven’t seen Maggie until you’ve seen Matt Tedford bathed in disco light, holding a double dildo with perfect Thatcherite disdain. With packed audiences, this show is deservedly selling out fast, so I urge you to get a seat now’ ***** – Theatre Bubble

‘He really is a master of timing and often you’re lulled into forgetting that you are listening to a joke until the punch line lands. Nobody else writes and tells jokes quite like Mark Steel and this show is really worth your time’ **** – Broadway Baby

‘An extraordinary story of family detective work’ – The Guardian

‘Cathartic and sharply funny as ever, Steel has created a show which is essential viewing for anyone touched by adoption’ – The Independent

‘… a lovely friendly hour of comedy. Highly recommended’ – Squirrel Comedy

‘Out of this cynicism comes a clever comedic talent full of passionate rants about the monotony of daily life fused with razor sharp timing that keeps the audience engaged’ **** – Ed Fest Mag

‘Of the myriad management companies around, Off The Kerb has the biggest cachet when it comes to talent-spotting. In the past few years, it has launched the careers of nearly all of the most talked-about acts in the country, including Josh Widdicombe, Romesh Ranganathan and Rob Beckett. Phil Jerrod is its latest discovery, and shows the firm’s golden touch isn’t faltering. You can see what attracted the attention of the scouts: like the aforementioned comics, Jerrod seems to have appeared from nowhere as a fully formed and utterly distinctive performer. His mastery of language is particularly arresting; there’s no flab on any of his jokes, just a string of perfectly honed gags’ – The Guardian

‘Neanderthal is impressively dense, with some wonderfully quotable lines woven through the rich, descriptive language, the passionate conveyance of Jerrod’s routines only magnifying their impact’ **** – The Scotsman

‘Confident, self-assured, yet utterly likeable… Beckett makes the whole act look effortless and carefree. Judging from the packed out audiences at the Fringe, it’s clear his popularity shows no sign of waning. Those looking for laughs need look no further’ **** – The Public Reviews

Off The Kerb Productions are proud to present the cream of Britain’s comedy talent at the 2015 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. With twenty events ranging from a disco-singing Margaret Thatcher, comedy stalwarts, TV favourites and the hottest newcomers, as well as the Comedy Gala in aid of Waverley Care featuring the best acts at the Fringe.

We’re also pleased to announce that Josh Widdicombe will be performing two tour warm-up shows at The Pleasance on the 23rd and 24th August (9:20pm, Cabaret Bar).

Tickets are available here.

See below for full listings and ticket information…


Adam Hills: Clown Heart

Assembly Hall, Main Hall, 7:30pm, 22-30 August (not 28th)

Tickets: EdFringe.com


Andrew Ryan: Perfectly Inadequate

Assembly George Square Studios 4, 7:50pm, 5-30th August (not 17th)

Tickets: EdFringe.com


Angela Barnes: Come As You Are

Pleasance Courtyard, That, 8:15pm, 5-30th August (not 17th)

Tickets: EdFringe.com


Charlie Baker: Just the One

Assembly, The Box, 8:40pm, 5-30th August (not 17th)

Tickets: EdFringe.com


Comedy Gala 2015: In Aid of Waverley Care

Edinburgh Playhouse, 7:30pm, Sunday 16th August

Tickets: EdFringe.com


Elliot Steel & Jake Lambert: Lark!

Kilderkin, 10:00pm, 8-29th August (not 11th, 18th, 25th)

Tickets: Free, non-ticketed


Ivo Graham: No Filter

Pleasance Courtyard, Beside, 6:00pm, 5-30th August (not 17th)

Tickets: EdFringe.com


Joel Dommett: Conquer

Laughing Horse @ Counting House, 6-29th (not 28th)

Tickets: Free, non-ticketed


Josh Widdicombe’s XFM Show Live!

Assembly George Square Studios Three, 10:45pm, 22-25th August

Tickets: EdFringe.com


Marcus Brigstocke: Why The Long Face?

Assembly Hall, Rainy Hall, 9:30pm, 6-30th August (not 17th)

Tickets: EdFringe.com


Margaret Thatcher Queen of Soho

Assembly George Square Gardens, Bosco Tent, 9:00pm, 6-30th August (not 17th)

Tickets: EdFringe.com


Mark Steel: Who Do I Think I Am?

Assembly George Square Studios, Two, 5-30th August (not 17th)

Tickets: EdFringe.com


Nathan Caton: Straight Outta Middlesex

Pleasance, 10Dome, 8:00pm, 5-30th August (not 17th)

Tickets: EdFringe.com


Phil Jerrod: Neanderthal

Pleasance Courtyard, That, 7:00pm, 5-30th August (not 17th)

Tickets: EdFringe.com


Phill Jupitus is Porky The Poet in Apologist Now!

Liquid Room Annexe, 5:20pm, 8-30th August (not 17th)

Tickets: Free, non-ticketed


Rob Beckett: Mouth Of The South

Pleasance, Ace Dome, 8:00pm, 5-30th August (not 17th)

Tickets: EdFest


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